SLS 2018
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Rules for submitting reports to the SLS 2018 conference

To participate in the conference it is necessary to provide abstracts and the full text of the report.

We accept reports that represent modern advances in the theory and practice of computer understanding of natural language and sounding speech in the context of an evolving situation. The reports demonstrating theoretical achievements in solving the fundamental problems of intellectual data analysis are also expected to focus on possible applications of these achievements.

Based on the materials sent, the Program Committee decides to include the report in the conference program. Abstracts and full text of the report should be sent in English to e-mail: not later than the deadline specified in the "Important Dates" section. Before the conference starts, a collection of abstracts will be published.

Abstracts Submission

To submit the report, you need to send the archive with (zip | rar), including the abstracts of the report and the full text of the scientific article in English language to e-mail:
The name of the archive should be in the format Name_No, where Name is the surname of the first author of the report in English transliteration, No — is an optional article number (indicated only if the author sends several different articles to the conference with the same Name).

The archive should contain all the files prepared by the author necessary for correct compilation of abstracts in the MiKTeX 2.8 (or earlier) system, as well as compiled abstracts and the full text of the scientific article in pdf format. The name of the main tex-file of the abstracts should also have the format Name_No.tex.
Abstracts should not exceed 1800 symbols and they should be prepared in LaTeX format according to the sample (file theses_template_eng.rar). Accepted abstracts will be published before the beginning of the conference.

Full Papers Submission

The full text of the report should be prepared in LaTeX format in the form of a scientific article according to the sample (file article_template_eng.rar) and you need send it to us by email together with the theses archive; or your article should be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal not earlier than the beginning of this year. The author will be notified of acceptance / rejection of the report by e-mail together with the invitation. Possible solutions: 1) the report is accepted without reviewers' comment; 2) the report can be accepted after editing; the editorial board expects an updated version of the report from the author within two weeks, 3) the report cannot be accepted.