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Conference Venue SLS 2018 - Gaeta, Italy

Conference Situation, Language, Speech. Models and Applications - SLS 2018 is held in the picturesque resort town of Gaeta (Italy), located on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Dates - from 08 to 12 October 2018.

The conference will be held in the conference center of the hotel Mirasole Hotel International. The conference center has two conference rooms that are equipped with a full range of audio and video equipment, slide projectors, wireless and high-speed Internet access. The capacity of the halls is from 60 to 200 people.

According to ancient legends, passed from generation to generation, the town was founded by the hero of the Trojan War Eney, who buried here his adorable nurse Gaetu. It was a fortified fort defending the entrance to the bay, and military actions did not cease for a long time. A lot of people wanted to take possession of the territory, located on the inaccessible part of the Tyrrhenian coast. The Norman conquerors, on the contrary, invested enormous fortunes in the development of the town, and thanks to them, luxurious palaces and religious monuments appeared on here.

In 1861, free Gaeta (Italy) became part of the Italian kingdom, and in the XX century it is a famous seaside resort with developed infrastructure. The rich historical heritage of the town is represented in the ancient monuments, and each building reminds of past eras.

The main sight from which the acquaintance with the town begins, is a military fort defending the city from pirate raids in the past. Today it serves as a memory of the heroic past. The Cathedral of St. Francis, erected in the beginning of the XIII century, impresses by its beauty and power. Its entrance is decorated with a statue of a monk, banishing, according to ancient legends, evil spirits from the city.

Among the religious monuments stands apart the Cathedral of Annuacita, erected in the 20s of the XIV century on the donations of local residents. It is famous for a small chapel, which was built on a stone that tore from the rock of Orlando during the crucifixion of Christ. On the cobblestone there is an imprint of the palm of a Turkish sailor who did not believe that the huge mountain could split into two parts. When the hard stone turned into soft, the man's hand entered into it, and this trace attracts all the tourists, who continuously come to worship the holy place.